[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.04] Processing Times - Robots

I’ve been making a spreadsheet for fitting station processing times, and I have run into an interesting problem – not sure if it is a bug, or I might be reading things incorrectly, but here’s what I’ve done.

I’ve made a table for number of seconds per fitting station, then the effects of having robot levels 1, 2, and 3 contribute to production times.

For a machine that takes 4 seconds:
Robots 1 (0.1) = -0.4 seconds
Robots 2 (0.08) = -0.32 seconds
Robots 3 (0.05) = -0.2 seconds

For a result of 3.08 seconds. This should be the new crafting time of the machine.

However, in game, when I choose an assembly, (e.g. Electronics fitting), I purchase robots 1, 2, and 3 – and do not add any additional upgrades – it gives me a crafting time of 3.27 seconds.

Is there a different formula by which crafting times are determined?

Hi Kathrine o/

Found out, that the “Robots 2”-Upgrade-tooltip has an rounding-error… Tooltip stats 0.08 improvment, but in the data-file it’s 0.075 (still cant get to that 3.27s time though, closest one is
4s* 0,9 * 0,925 * 0,95 = 3,16s for “Fit Electronics”

Heya Nobodx!

Nice detective work! I wonder if something similar is going on with the other values as well? or possibly the way they are combined?

Im currently crawling though the gamefiles and trying to figure out some stuff how to mod the game (like a slightly different build-menu).
At least I found out how to localize the game (at least it’s GUI)

Edit: with some artistic skills, it looks to be quite easy to add additional upgrades or even complete different products to the game (maybe a bicycle or a motorcycle factory)

Ooh, that’ll make people super happy! Already got several comments from people wanting different vehicle types, and “cool” cars, (I’m assuming something like drag racing props?)

There is a misunderstanding here of how things work, which is likely just my poor GUI :smiley:

Robots 1 gives you a increase in production speed of 10%
Robots 2 an additional 7.5%
Robots 3 an additional 5%

so with all 3, your slot goes 22.5% faster that usual
There are 4000 milliseconds of work to do, at a rate of 122.5%
4000 / 1.22.5 is 3.265 seconds.

I’ll make sure that the timings are more explicit.

Ahh, I see! Thank you so much for the clarification. I will update my spreadsheet :smiley: