[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.04] Resource importing sillyness

So yeah, i just purchased the game and am not sure where to post this so cliffski sees it.
however with the basic paint booth and fit engine booth (basic as in split apart)
my paintbooth stockpile has 13 paints on it and try to refill it up to 16 by ordering 12 cans with seems a bit excessive
and the fit engine booth tries to order so many valves that it usually fills up 13 slots and choke the further production of the car even tough i placed a valve only stockpile next to it to help out with the supply of it.

edit: also changing my resolution makes the game windowed and can’t make it fullscreen again without restarting

hi… which version is this (top right of the main menu). I’m hoping its 1.04, in which case grab it again as we updated to 1.05 today.

It’s 1.04, i downloaded it via torrent about 3 hours ago.

Thanks for the quick response

yeah you just missed 1.05 :smiley:

Hey Cliff, I am not sure exactly if this is associated, but I ran into a similar issue with my new 1.05 game yesterday. I think this video is pretty self-explanatory. The paint station has 13 paint on hand, but won’t run because it’s lacking resources. Also it looks like it’s hung up for some reason at the drying stage, rather than the finishing stage where you’d expect it to need resourced anyway. I had disconnected the conveyors in anticipation of deleting the station as I specialized.