[Fixed 1.05][Bugs 1.03] Several Bugs


  • Supply from stockpiles is occasionally very slow… there are gaps between products being put out. (And there are waiting assemblies & plenty of product in the stockpile). Is this intended?

  • Occasional graphical glitches… e.g. the car sprite goes down a SE-facing conveyor belt, and 3 tiles before the turn to NE, the graphic turns to face NE, so it looks like it is sliding sideways for a couple of tiles. Another: overlapping resource conveyors get into curious Escher-like tangles :slight_smile:

  • Sometimes I cannot connect conveyors properly. Imagine two conveyors coming together at a right angle, unconnected at the corner. I drag one end to the corner. Next, I drag that corner to the left to connect it to the other conveyor, but it refuses to connect. I generally need to delete the conveyors and try to connect them in a different order.

  • Sometimes get graphical glitches when removing resource conveyor belts – e.g. extra right-angled supports where there used to be T-junctions.

  • Pressing Esc should cancel the item in hand. (Some it does, some not, specifically: resource conveyors, conveyors, research office, supply stockpile).

  • If you select a supply stockpile from the build menu, then click Demolish, a click on the ground will NOT demolish – it will place a stockpile. Once that is out of hand, the demolish ability kicks in.

  • Double fittings: Before researching Fit Engine Assembly, I placed the Fit Engine Assembly. After researching, I forgot to remove that Assembly, but put down all parts immediately before it in the production line. Cars stopped at each fitting place (Flywheel, Starter Motor, and Valves), and ALSO stopped at the Fit Engine Assembly, consuming parts from each fitting place.

  • The “Make Valves” item is missing from the Valves assembly menu.

Thanks, loads of awesome reports. Working through a big todo list right now… :smiley: