[Fixed 1.06][Bug 1.05] Manufacturer-stockpile-fitting routing bug?

Hey everyone,

Just bought the game, been watching videos for a while and it looks quite promising. However I’ve found this situation that holds my progress


I have a conveyor going from imports -> light manufacturer -> stockpile (shared with horns and seats) -> fit lights area. And it flashes for a while saying “No route for resources” (even though it has its own stockpile full) and restarting til finally something happens and it is able to do the task

I noticed the same thing happening in my factory today. Each “fit task” (not sure what the proper word is), seems to require their stockpile be connected to a resource importer even if there’s enough parts being made and they are directly connected. If it’s not connected to a resource importer it will do what you described–behave oddly and restart the task until randomly it seems to complete it. I’m not sure if it was present before because I didn’t try to manufacture anything before upgrading to 1.05. Once I connected all of the fit tasks to a resource importer slot they all seemed to work normally.

same here
it is possible to ie connect importer to “make axle”'s recource slot, then connect axle slot to “fit axle” separately… fit axles just don’t work despite getting and using axles from factory… work never finishes

Same here.

My LitsFitter has full stock. but is requesting a new light. Lit Fitter is conectet to light producer but not to importer so the fitter screams no rescource found even when a light is on the way and the Fitter stock has 15 from 16 Possible light in stock…


Hi all…I fixed this (as far as I can tell anyway) in 1.06, just gone live.