[Fixed 1.07][Bug 1.05] Slot limit reached?

I keep getting errors after adding a lot of slots to the game. I have 3 full lines plus I was building a 4th mega line with lots of splits and joins. The conveyors don’t seem to be the problem. It is when I add a regular slot or an importer the game crashes with the attached error. I have attached the save file that exhibits the error.
debug.zip (3.74 KB)
NextMega.zip (192 KB)

Thanks I’ll investigate.

This is hitting the cap of 4096 simultaneous resource routes, which surely should not be possible, so its probably a bug. I managed to load it ok by doubling the max number, but hopefully I’ll fix the core bug today, rather than doing something that drastic.
unless it REALLY is using 4096 routes. I’ll check