[Fixed 1.07][Bug 1.05] Unable to delete Make FuelTanks

Hey Cliffski,

I am playing 1.05 tonight and notice that I am unable to delete Make FuelTanks manufacturing. I think this might be a bug that will need to be addressed!!

Thanks, AndrewHB

Hi, you mean remove a placed manufacturing slot in the factory? You have to right click the correct square, which probably isn’t vaguely obvious or intuitive! I shall change this to be any tile to delete, but I just checked and it does delete :smiley:


Yea I was trying to remove a manufacturing slot since I was doing some work in my plant…I thought I was right clicking but yea I might not have been right clicking in the right place :smiley: Also I tried to use the demolish tool and that didn’t work so that led me to believe it might be a bug.