[Fixed 1.08][Bug 1.05] Climate Control Bug Crash

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but whenever I click onto installing Climate Control to the Fit AirCon, my game crashes. This is a minor annoyance as no cars can have Climate Control; besides the game crashing. All other upgrades work just fine, it’s just this one.

My PC tells me “An unhandled win32 exception occurred in ProductionLine.exe [3928]” if this helps at all.

I’m running Win10 64bit.

same thing also happened to me today
winXP sp3

Hi there, thanks for the game, really enjoying it.

As stated i found i minor bug, annoying, but not breaking: everytime you try to upgrade the FIT AIRCON station with the climate control unit, the game crashes.

My sugestion: make resource importers work together. As of now the game detects the closest importer and make all resources order from there, there should be a way to connect more importers to share the workload when you need to import a godly ammount of resources

Keep up the good work!

There isnt much to explain i try to put the climante control and the game crashes. Ultimate version tho

10) Fixed corrupted icons for climate control units delivery.

should be fixed in 1.06
it’s in the list tho :slight_smile:

got it myself.
have fun

i downloaded it today strange

1,06 isn’t out yet, so it will be fixed with that release.

I am still seeing this issue in 1.06 and now today in 1.07

Is there an error message? do you have a save game I can take a look at? is this with new games, or games started from an earlier version?

I’ve attached my save game. It’s just the standard windows error message box for a program that has terminated unexpectedly. The Visual Studio debugger shows the crash occurring at ProductionLine.exe!00d91aae If you need it I can also get you the register values at the time of the crash.
First attempt.xml (1.09 MB)

I’ve investigated it a little bit…

It seems like it only happens when you place the Air Condition Specialization, then connect a resource conveyor AND only afterwards you upgrade to Climate Control.

If you place the Air Condition Specialization, then directly upgrade to Climate Control and ONLY afterwards you connect the resource conveyor then it works for some reason.

Don’t know if it helps… but the bug seems to depend on the order in which you place and upgrade.

MeduSalem is correct. If I remove the resource conveyor then I can add the upgrade without crashing. Then I can reconnect the conveyor without issue.

Hi! Firstly, I wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this game despite it being so early in Alpha. It’s really fantastic and I hope to see it grow!
Anyways, I just discovered a crash bug. The moment I install Climate Control in my Fir AirCon station, the game instantaneously crashes. I’ve repeated this three times to confirm it was the Climate Control upgrade.

For the first bug, have you upgraded to version 1.06?

The climate control bug was a known issue (corrupted icon) and should have been fixed in 1.06

Hm, odd. I downloaded the 1.06 version as soon as it came out and had been using that. I just tested it again and now suddenly Climate Control works. The only difference is that I launched the game with the .exe instead of through Steam like I had been. Maybe Steam had somehow been using the wrong version? There’s only one .exe in the folder to use, though…