[Fixed 1.08][Bug 1.06] R&D item mismatch & build menu item names


  1. “Rollcage Manufacturing” is under “Chassis Specialization” in R&D

  2. In building menu “Conveyor” dropped below “Chassis Assemble” in v1.06 update

  3. In building menu there is “Fuel Tank”. Why not “Fit Fuel Tank” like all other fitting stations?
    Also, there is “Make FuelTanks”. Why not “Make Fuel Tanks” with a space?
    Also, there are “Fit Front Vent” and “Fit Rear Trim” building menu items but stockpiles have simply Vents and Trims.

  4. In building menu lots of manufacturing items are in plural like “Make Wheels” or “Make Axles” but most are in singular. They should all be in singular unless the manufacturing process makes two or more items in a single run. Yes, you make multiple axles in the manufacturing slot but it takes 11.35s to make a single axle.

Btw, good work so far!

PS. Could manufacturing also include robot upgrades in them if the process is less labour intensive? For example, making a hood or roof that is mostly cutting and bending steel sheets that can be welded together by robots.

Thanks for these, fixing most of them now., Manufacturing robot upgrades are definitely planned!