[Fixed 1.10][Bug 1.09] Servos always have the wrong sprites drawn on resource conveyors

Yesterday my game had a bug. Today I updated to version 1.08 it still occurs.

When a servo unit is transported it looks different(Brakes, Seats, Metalblocks …).

I built a Stockpile only to fill it with servo. Have a look at the screenshots.


I noticed it with 1.06 already but forgot to post about it, but it is still present with 1.09 and I just remembered that I wanted to post that issue…

The servos on the resource conveyors always have the wrong sprites drawn. On top of that it randomly cycles through all kinds of other sprites which are drawn instead of the servo sprite

I know that they are servos because that’s what the slot needs… and they correctly show up with the servo sprite once they are placed in the slot stockpile etc

Thanks, fixed in next build

Thanks, this will be fixed in 1.10