[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Cars have colours before paint

I have notice that sometimes my cars will have colours right after the bodies are completed (after wing mirrors are attached)

unfortunately it seems to be random, it haven’t found a way to reliably reproduce… I have seen red and primer grey…
If you zoom out and into a different part of the factory then move over it will sometime occur/fix itself

by looking at where the red cars start to appear looks like its caused by the machines before that…?

No the colour appears right when the machine is done… also that is the point at which the body is completed

odd! maybe its related to the cache bug Cliff mentioned?

yep, should be related to this one:

… and will be fixed i 1.11

I’m glad it will be fixed in 1.11, even though i noticed it in 1.09, i don’t think it was introduced by 1.10 version.