[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Chassis View Distance

Some Chassis become invisible if zoomed out.

Not sure if this has been fixed or not. I tried to reproduce this but it doesn’t always happen.


have seen it before and it seems to be related to the colored bodyframes before the painting is done.
Here is the link to the “[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Chassis sometimes have wrong colour when rotating/changing zoom levels” bug report:

Coloring would mean in your case transparent.
Would you please check if the cars get visible at different zoom level?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think this is related because I only saw it happen to a chassis before the body fitting even began, painting was along way off.

They only seem to do it at slightly below max view distance, but when you zoom back in they become visible again.

I will try to reproduce this bug if I can…

I did it!

I suspect it is actually the same bug, because there was essentially a mismatch between the cars and the cached versions in the car cache texture, which could well have been blank, so with luck this is fixed in the next build.

yay! :smiley: