[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Place items behind popup window

If you are in the middle of placing an item and the research windows interrupts you and you click, the item will be placed behind the window- building mode is not put on hold and the game is not paused.

This can potentially cost the player a lot of money and even bankrupt you in the early game.

This is also a problem if the game window is not active, and the player clicks on the window again to activate it and an item is placed. For multi-monitor setups it would be nice if this was fixed.


I tried to reproduce the placement but could not get it. Would you please describe step by step how to get to the mentioned point?

There is a bug report related to this “[Pending][Improvement 1.07] game pauses when loosing focus”:

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I thought the pause was intentional. Though I would like the option to continue running in the background as I have a multimonitor setup.

I just tried to do it again…
I’m not sure how I did it either now, maybe it was just with an upgrade window open? Not sure if that is intentional or not.

Can confirm this - also had the Research Window Pop Up and the… hmm i guess a conveyor was placed then when i had to “unclick” the mouse button to chose the research.

Will try to do that on purpose in the upcoming future.

thanks. I’m not crazy!

Just encountered it again: Selected the Resource Conveyor, started building (so mouse button is clicked “down”), whilst doing that the research window (Finished yay) pops up. So you have to let go of the mouse button and it builds your Conveyor.

Not a big problem, but yes: when the Research Finished Screen pops up the current buildng process should be interrupted.
Or the other way around: don’t let the research popup “pop up” before a building process has been finished.

Good night everyone :slight_smile:

ah! this!

you figured it out! I couldn’t remember the exact scenario. thanks man.

Youre Welcome :slight_smile:

Perhaps add a “Bug” to the title so it will be recognized by Cliff.

No worries, he will read it anyways…

And the title changes are more to make it easier for Cliff to see on a glance which bug threads still require his attention and which ones he doesn’t have to look into anymore.

… Changed thread title …

All building stuff should now be cancelled when that window pops up (for 1.11) Thanks.