[Fixed 1.12][Bug 1.06] different behavior on different speed


I’m not sure if I’m not just hunting ghosts but …
While watching my production line to see how some updrades take their influence to timing and backlocks i found my ‘Fit Valves’ slot waiting for resources. I already doubled this slot due to the problem with the valves, put a supply stockpile and two ‘Make Valve’ slots next to them. But when running the game on superfast they still generate a backlock due to insufficient resources:

When running the game at normal speed all station work as intended and no backlock is present:

So, no idea if it is just related to the valves (see the ‘The Fit Engine Unit is VERY hard to keep supplied (too many valves?)’ thread: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=17972) or something else.

But atm it’s a bit annoying that ‘well’ designed production lines will perfom less at higher game speed.

Kind regards & keep up the good work
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yep, I can confirm this.

That way you can not supply the assembly line with valves. Windows seem to face a similar issue.

I made a factory where I am making valves by myself. The “valve makers” also seem to be low on supply when simulating on higher than normal speed
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I just tracked this one down and it should be fixed in 1.12. Cheers!

Good news, thank You :smiley:

It’s better than before, no doubt.
But there is stille a different behavior when running the game in a higher speed compared to when it runs at normal speed.
It needs some time watching a single stockpile or slot to see it so here is a video.
The highlighted stockpile was full when switching to Super Speed and runs out of stock within 35 seconds.
After switching back to normal speed it takes some time but the stockpile will fight back to full of stock after 2 minutes.
So the flow of resources either from Resource Importers or from the Make Window is good enough to deliver the necessary components for the production process and to fill up the stockpile at the same time.

The mentioned Supply Stockpile is located near the painting and drying stations:

In anticipation of the next patch I started again on a custom map so please find attached this map (ready to expant into the game folder) and a savegame.

One note: In 1.12 it is necessary to place a Resource Conveyor after loading the savegame before all stockpiles will work as intended.
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