[Fixed 1.12][Bug 1.11] Game Crash Supply Stockpile

Hey guys and Mr. Harris,

I tested the new aplha version called 1.11 and find a bug.
When I click on Supply Stockpile and use the new function “copy from Slot” and select the “Quality Check” the game freeze.
After a few mouse clicks the game crashed.

When i try do copy ‘‘Fit Electronics’’ to a supply stock my game stop working.


this topic is identical to the ‘[Open][Bug 1.11] Game Crash Supply Stockpile’.

The problem at all is: If you chose a production slot that don’t need any component atm the selection of such a station in the ‘Copy From Slot’ menu will result in an infinite loop.

So maybe both topics can be merged …

Done… :smiley:

That issue should be fixed for 1.12. Basically slots with no resources are no longer in the list.