[Fixed 1.12][Bug 1.11] Loans keep repaying after completion / Negative Interest

Checked on my loans, and realised my top loan has a negative outstanding amount and is still apparently taking money, though apparently it is paying me back some interest!
TM.xml (769 KB)

I have a factory where I took out two loans and I noticed I was still paying on them. Well, one loan says I overpaid by $300k and now I have negative interest payments.

autosave.xml (1.88 MB)


look like a duplicate of [Open][Bug 1.10] Loans keep repaying after completion

Ah, my bad. Guess I didn’t look back far enough. Thought it was new x.x

No problem…

… Merged threads together …

hahaha I really like the idea of the loan agency basically lying to you about the contract and scamming you out of your money so real next level meta

This is clearly an embarrassing bug :D. I’m fixing it now!

The real question is, does the interest rate actually start paying you back? If so, then this is a classic interest bug that I can trace back to the old Apple ][ game called Tai-Pan, circa 1981 or so. In that game, it was possible to take out a loan from Elder Brother Wu, then two rounds later pay it back, but exceed the payment required. With a negative balance, and being charged 10% interest, you would very quickly make a ton of money in the game… to the point where the number being expressed would be shown in scientific notation (I currently have a game running where it is somewhere in the rage of 10^20…)

Good Joss!