[Fixed 1.13][Bug 1.12]no power from High Output Power Plant after loading a savegame


If you place some of the new High Output Power Plants, save your game, quit and restart the game and load the savegame the placed power plant do not provide power:
The mentioned 16200 Power are provided by the remaining 9 ‘old’ Power Plants (9x 1800 = 16200).

Before save and load or after demolishing some existing and placing some new High Output Power Plants the new powerplants count:

Attached a savegame for reproducting the behavior.

Even if you purchase the efficiency upgrade for an already existing (when loading the savegame) High Output Power Plant there will no power provided.
restart_1.12_insufficient_power.xml (989 KB)

Wow, its staggering how useless I am at programming some days :smiley:
Fixed in 1.13…