[Fixed 1.14][Bug 1.12]Resource importers not used issue

I was experimenting with a large factory when I noticed an issue with the importers. You did some work trying to balance them in the past but I think they need more work. The screen shot attached really highlights the issue. In the highlighted area on the screenshot I have 3 resource importers connected to the same area but only one is fulfilling orders. It has 362 items incoming and the other 2 have nothing. I have also attached the save game so you can see it in action.
ResourceIssue.zip (352 KB)

The 3 importers aren’t really connected to the same area… At least the 2 importers that don’t do anything aren’t connected to the same resource conveyor network as the one importer that is overwhelmed with orders.

… but that said you’d probably need more importers for that area anyways and distributing all the slots over more, separated importers would still be preferable.

Damn your right. Ignore this.

Ok. I connected the other 2, severed the first one and one of the others picked up the slack. I then added the closest one back in and a short while later it took 99% of the orders.

Weird… It at least should distribute between the nearest two. I think Cliff may have to take a look at that.

Indeed, I’m very keen to take a look at this, do you have a savegame of the situation where 99% comes from one of them? It should intelligently load balance between the nearest two.

It’s in the zip file attached to the first post.

Ok this should be fixed in the next build see below:
One thing I did notice is that resources currently ‘stacked up’ in an importer will not be reallocated, so if you add a new importer, or connect one, you will need to kill the existing route, (which flushes those imports out) then reconnect it to trigger proper load balancing…

Actually that is what I originally tried to see if they would re-balance. But eventually the close one took over.