[Fixed 1.15][Bug 1.14] Low volume / missing sounds

Firstly the sound effects in the game seem to be very quiet. I have all the sliders set to maximum volume (aside from music, which works fine) however I have to zoom in to the maximum level to hear anything, and when I do it’s quite quiet.

Secondly the sound doesn’t appear to be consistent. If (in the below example) I zoom right in (so I can hear something) then scroll round between the different assemblies the sound drops in and out - sometimes one of them won’t have sound even though it’s doing something. If I happen to be between two bits I only get sound from one of them. It’s a bit hard to describe, it just doesn’t seem right! If you use the attached save file and let it run try panning around the different assemblies and you should be able to recreate it.

Sound.xml (85.7 KB)

Hi, thanks for reporting it, the sound effects are definitely something we have not put much time into yet, and it will definitely get improved in the future.