[Fixed 1.15][Bug 1.14] manual save raises memory consumption

When saving the game (not autosave) the memory consumption raises by 150 to 300 MB.
This can let the game crash when done too often. In such a case saving fails with error message

Failed to allocate file buffer memory:..\src\SIM_LoadGame.cpp 97

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached savegame
  2. repeatedly save the game
  3. watch the memory consumption e.g. in task manager

After loading the savegame the game consumed 700-790 MB.
After the first save it raised to 1070-1100 MB, to 1230-1250 MB after the second save, to 1400-1420 MB after the third save and when trying to save one more time the game crashes with the before mentioned error message.

When not saving except by autosave the game will run with nearly constant memory consumption.
load-n-save-savegame.rar (2.37 MB)

I cannot extract that rar file, but I can test this with other files and will investigate. Cheers.

Ok thanks, this is fixed in 1.15. Its actually the reading of data for the dates and save game data in that dialog that was leaking :smiley: