[Fixed 1.16][Bug 0.15] insufficient resource bug

Hi Cliff,

not sure how this one is occurring, but i cannot get sufficient resources to my window installer.


In the attached you will note I have 3 window producing slots, all of which are loaded completely (excepting the one that just sent off some windows), which lead to a stockpile which requests 12 windows to be delivered to it.

This then goes to the installer, which should be requesting 5 windows every 142 seconds.
Each of the manufacturers takes 54 seconds which gives approx 7.8 windows produced every 142 seconds. - fitting with the view of full stockpiles.

Having said that, the installer robots are claiming insufficient resources 50% of the time and are the principle bottleneck in my factory.

I initially noticed it with electric window installers, and pulled back to manual for the simpler version -which didnt actually fix the problem.

I did note that the problem seems to go away if not running at full speed.

i’ve taken a save copy if it helps.

I suspect I know what this is, and its possibly related to the earlier deletion of supply stockpiles, import slots of window manufacturing slots (maybe to move them). I found a bug (now fixed) that caused this. Did it go away when you save and load maybe?