[Fixed 1.17][Bug 1.16] Camera horribly jerky now

I just started a new game today after having not played for a while. Unless I’m only imagining that it was much smoother with an earlier build, the camera movement is now incredibly jittery while moving it, especially with WASD. It’s almost to a point where it makes you feel rather ill to watch. It does it whether or not the game is paused. It seems like the jerking follows the movement (up and down movement jerks the camera up and down as it goes and so on).

I don’t know if it’s related, but resources moving along their conveyors are jerking around along the path, too.

one other player reported frame rate problems until rebooting their PC, can you confirm you have tried that? performance should definitely not be worse.

Sorry that it took me a bit to reply, it’s almost the end of the semester here and I’ve been buried in term papers and projects.

It’s definitely not a frame rate issue–I put a counter up and it’s holding smooth, and you can see all the animations running smoothly while moving the camera around. It’s the camera’s actual movement that seems to be jittery and shaky, like if you could imagine it moving with a pattern like 2-left 1-right 2-left 1-right while scrolling to the left.

Edit: Also, is it supposed to be locked to 15-16 FPS?

Edit: Okay, I’m starting to think that it shouldn’t be locked to 15-16 FPS, and that could be part of the reason why it looks so jerky. Of course, the question then becomes why is it locked to that? I’m playing at 2560*1080 on a GTX 970. Lowering the resolution to different levels doesn’t change anything. Playing the game direct from the EXE rather than launching through Steam (Add a Non-Steam Game option) doesn’t change it.

its actually a threading related balls-up by me, which is why sometimes, a reboot fixes it. Don’t worry, I know exactly what it is, its fixed for 1.17, and that should be released hopefully saturday, and will fix it. Its locked at 60FPS.