[Fixed 1.17][Bug 1.16] Supply stockpile option "Copy from slot" seems not to work properly

Supply stockpile option “Copy from slot” seems not to work properly.

Not sure about all the slots, but it seems that problem is reproducible for “not top level” slot.
I mean that I use option “copy from slot” option on a stock pile, and it works well on top level slot - e.g. Fit Body. But it does not on lower level slots.
My example is “Fit Door panels” and I click “copy from slot” in a stock pile menu, and result is “door panels”, but not resources used by “fit door panels” slot.

Indeed. this is actually a bit of a design flaw. Some fit door panels slots may just be fitting door panels, others may include stuff like car alarms, sensors and so on… The trouble is the stockpile has no idea WHICH slot you are referring to. I’ll have to either implement a dropper, or select the nearest one…

Is this the same bug that stops the copy from slot picking up that there are now upgrades being added to the cars?

it is. like I say, not a bug as such, because some slots may have an upgrade applied whereas others do not :frowning: