[Fixed 1.18][Bug 1.17] All loans still $0

On Alpha 1.15 Loans first are available and then they all show zero. Attached picture.

Yup, I noticed this myself. it should be fixed in the next patch coming really soon :smiley:

Is there a trick to using loans now? All 3 loans are now at $0.00 on version 1.16.

I noticed this as well, the game is very difficult to play without any loans.

Same for me…

Also, no files in here, so not sure where they’d be?

Error Files as attachment (They can be found under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\debug”)
Savegame (favorably in a zipped state; they can be found under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\savegames”)


Found them in the onedrive folder.
pirion_zero_loan.zip (1.01 MB)
errors.txt (14.9 KB)
debug.txt (2.6 KB)

hmmmm. I will investigate… Sorry about that!
edit: ooops. I know what it is. It will be fixed in the next patch!

Completely removed and did a fresh install. Started a new game, Medium Factory and all loans are $0 still.

Same here, both on a save game and a new game.

… Merged Threads together …

Dang…back to the drawing board for me on this one then. Argghhh.

edit: doh! Stupid mistake. its only happening at the start of new games, later in the game proper ones will appear but…Its fixed (really) in 1.18