[Fixed 1.18][Bug 1.17] Cars wont sell

The same problem as Before, suddenly cars will not sell. I have to set the margin to -20-25% to get it to sell. Now im Close to bankrupt.

Everyting Went fine first but when i started to upgrade more robots on the different stations Everything Went South.
savegames.rar (793 KB)

Aha :smiley:
Your cars are too simple. I need to make this feedback more visible, but if you check the tech tree (the technologies tab) you will see the AI has researched loads of hi-tech stuff, and a lot of the tech is ‘universal’, meaning people expect it to be in every car nowadays. Your cars don’t have any of those features so will not sell at any price :smiley:
Hope that helps :smiley: (I will be improving the interface to make this more obvious)

actually worked on this today… :smiley:

Yeah…I was having the same issue when I play 1.17…I was playing “limited budget” scenario. So…I play “mega factory” scenario…build a 12 reaserch office…( 3 point reseach production @about 5 grand an hour ) research the car add-on section…just to keep up with the “Jones”…and keep selling the car over 50 % mark-up. As long you research power plant first…fast…to replace the expence with research.

Just one question…How fast the “Jones”…mean the competitions … research is ?? How fast ? It seam they are in my opinion around 2 to 4 in research points…if this is the case…no wonder my cars wont sell…I have to lower my prices just to sell it…Version 1.16 did not have that particular issue…

I had this same problem. My factory was setup as a sort of Universal Producer (v1.16) so that every option was available and being produced in at least one part of the factory, and as the cars would flow they may or may not get each option depending on how they got sorted. So every car produced had at least some of the options, but not all.

Soon the competition basically had ALL of the options except the reversing camera for some reason as a standard item, and I went from $16m in operating cash to 0 in the span of about 18 hours of game time. Even with cars set to 0% profit I hit about 1,300 cars (btw, the “cars on the lot” ticker still overflows if you exceed 1k) before running out of money.

I just think there should be some amount of balancing here.

Agreed 100%. In fact that’s what I’ve been working on all day, and will make it into 1.18. In that version, the AI does work through the features and eventually produce them all, but there is code that keeps an eye on exactly how much further ahead it is than you, and slows it down if its totally crushing you, as seems to be the case here.

It has to be a balance between the AI providing enough of a challenge that you are encouraged to keep your cars up to date, whilst not making the game too hard. I think my new code does that, and even if its not perfect its TONS better than the version you have right now!