[Fixed 1.22][Bug 1.21] Car model changes when reloading the game

I’ve noticed that after loading a game, all the cars that were on the line previously transform into sedans - even when I’m only producing SUVs and hatchbacks. Those sedans have an identical spec to the cars that were in production, and I’ve got a lot of cars (maybe more than 100) on the line.

Indeed, this is fixed in version 1.22(in development)

Had this Bug in 1.20 also:
I am producing SUVs and saving the game. Still there are some cars on the belt for processing, all of them SUVs.

When loading my save game all pending cars on the belt are SEDAN models, new created bodys are SUVs.
Also I am not able to sell these Sedan modells even dropping the price to -75% of production price.

cheers from austria,


Hi, this is a bug already listed as being fixed in the next patch which will be out on friday


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