[Fixed 1.22][Bug 1.21] Game Crash

My Game often crash. I play 2-5 minutes and the game crashed also when I play with normal speed.

I second that. Runs 2 - 5 mins and crashes.

Running AMD architecture. Game Version 1.21 (Steam).

Screen shot attached.

Would it be possible for you to upload the error files located under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\debug” ?

And maybe also the related savegame found under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\savegames” ?

Because otherwise it’s hard for Cliff to determine what may be the cause of your crashes.

Removed my post as I have not had any game crashes since. The save game file was an incorrect one. Other posts also report the same crash. Since update 1.22, all is well. If it crashes again i will post and zip some files.

I fixed some crash bugs recently, really pleased to hear that this seems to be more stable for you now.