[Fixed 1.22][Bug 1.21] Keyless Entry and Powered Seats Upgrades Missing

While playing after upgrading the door panels to allow keyless entry I noticed that my income had started to level off and I was no longer gaining any money. As you can see in the below screen shot, both keyless entry and power seats are not being applied to the vehicles even though they are checked in the car design menu.

I will update the post as more information is gathered. My plan is to create a new save file and try to reproduce the same error again. Creating new car design did not fix the bug. Restarting the game also did not fix it either.

As seen below:

Hopefully this catches your attention before a 1.22 release. I’m really enjoying the game. One of the only ones I’ve restarted over and over again and it still keeps me entertained.
autosave.zip (237 KB)

Hi, I have found what this is. its something I probably need to address.
You used to have a design called ‘sedan’ and you have deleted it, and now have a design called sedan GTX
The trouble is at the start of your production line, the production schedule is still told to build ‘sedan’ so its churning out an old model that you effectively archived.
Just change it to be the new model.

I suspect I need a system that when you archive a model, it pops up a window and tells you that the production schedules with that model in have now been automatically changed to other models.

Ok, I’ve added a popup window that does exactly that to prevent this being an issue in future.

Sweet! I figured it was probably something small like that. Didn’t even realize the schedule could change. Thanks!