[Fixed 1.25][Crash 1.24] Game saves keep crashing in mega factory - no rhyme or reason


For whatever reason, my saved games keep crashing. This seems to happen with the mega factory (or largest one, apologies if I have the wrong name). No rhyme or reason, I’d say about 5 minutes in usually. Had created a new factory and for awhile it was running fine, but now that one too is crashing. Any thoughts?

I’ve had this too, this started as what I thought just a random crash (I was building a resource conveyor at the time), but now every time I load it, it craps out within about 45 seconds :frowning:

Do you have many loops? or really long and complex branching conveyor belts? If so…This should be fixed in the next build.

This was fixed with 1.24. I had this problem in 1.23 :slight_smile: thanks for your efforts!