[Fixed 1.26][Balance 1.24] cheap cars unsellable

In trying to adjust the price to the new sell system (i didnt see the advice into the showroom), i set the sedans basic (without option) to Premium 0% and sedans sport (with all options) to ~ -10%, the sedans sport was less pricee than the sedans basic but only sedans basic was selling …
Effectively making a refund for the same car with all equipments are making people not buy it!
In reality maybe some people will be wary and wil consult reviews before buying it but you will rapidly sell them and conquer the market and if you don’t bankrupt you can bankrupt the competitors (they will not sell the amount predicted and not have return on investment unless they quickly invest to update they production line to be more efficient and hope on a more riskee investment).

Same over here. I have over 300 cars in the showroom and they wont sell at all.
They are saying the price is to low ??

same here.

with V1.23 i sold all of my cars (40-50/h production) and had not more than 5 cars in the showroom. after the update to 1.24 i do not sell my cars anymore. tried to dump the price to 0%, tried to higher it to 30% (sold a few with that), tried to experiment with the features on the cars.
right now my showroom has a stock of >300 cars and i am running out of money. with ALL features unlocked, mounted them into the cars. i am importing all extras, do not produce any of the features by myself right now.

will start over with a new facility.

Can you screenshot the customer feedback? Sometimes they think the cars are cheap (Low quality) and will not buy them. It also seems like the more you have in stock, the less you can charge, supply and demand and all.

It does make it more of a challenge, in 1.23 i could set the price at 45percent and it would stay there, with 20 cars in the showroom, forever, never growing. Now, you need to watch it more, and when I had 150 in there, I had to look and see what I was sitting on in the showroom, then drop the one i have the most of by 5 percent until they started selling. once I sold the surplus of sedans at -20 percent, I was able to bring it back up to +25 and they sold, but by then, the compacts were flooding my showroom. So I brought them down from 35 to 10 before they sold…

Yes i also see it: the cars from the same model produced previously with less equipments seem to not sell because the premium is too high for these cars and they remain inside the Showroom. The new cars produced are sold but we need to reduce the price to sell old cars, the problem is we sell off the new cars with it and it’s not very intuitive.

On another note: in reality we have analysts that make an equation with buying intentions in function of the price compared to production cost (which diminish the more we produce mainly because the return on investment on the machines), this give the benefits for a selling price. When they have it they make a function study, notably a study of limits: they search the limit max, efficiently giving the best selling price to have the maximum of benefits.
I am not sure that making the player play with the selling price without view of the market to find the right selling price empirically is the right choice.

The problem is that some of the economic models data is not yet being presented to the player. If you are a relatively small-volume supplier, you can sell cars at a higher premium (as there aways SOME price insensitive buyers), but as you start to dominate the market you will need to be more competitive.
Also the level of competition is variable. If you are doing really well, there will be lots of competition trying to take market share from you, and they will drive prices down.
I need to expose more of this!
But yes, its a bit harder now, especially at the mid/end-game.

I just made a post on this. I can’t move my units at all, they just are sitting no matter what I do. It’s saying mine are too expensive, I raised my Luxury line all the way to budget and it barely made a dent in them

I may have a similar issue with cheap cars, but it’s also related to loading the savegame. After loading, nearly every old car in the showroom shows as “Sedan Gen1”, but that’s not the case, because I’ve “archived” that model/configuration some time ago. Therefore I can’t change the price. The configuration of the cars is wrong, too: They look like they are “Sedan G3”.

I’ve attached the savegame, but be warned: With more than 40 unsold cars, I’m short on cash. :slight_smile:
OldPricingBug.xml (1.15 MB)

I opened it up, and I see that all the cars that are in the showroom show as Gen 1, and I watched a G5 and a G3 go to the showroom, and the numbers increased to 50, then 51, but neither car shows as anything but a Gen 1. Weird. I went in and removed the archive from the save file, reloaded it and then other models seemed to show up. Plus I dropped the price from the 35 percent you had the gen1 as, and they started selling (I put them at -50percent to liquidate them)

I think having all the models price adjustment in the showroom screen would be helpful, even the archived ones.

So there is a way to manually fix this, nice. But one question remains: Why did they show up as Gen1 after loading the game? If I’m not mistaken, Gen1 was the base car with no features, but they have 3 extras. Is there some auto mapping that uses the list of features, like duck typing? Then I may have found an edge case where two models have the same extras.

How old is the original save? ie: which version of the game did you start your factory in? A few updates ago we did change the way designs were being saved and loaded, and the game should have transparently ported older data over, but you may have encountered an issue where this is not working correctly.

Cliff, I noticed this in a new game I just started today, in 1.25

I started this one last night from a Custom Map (Map was created in 1.24) Its a Cheaty Map I made with Lots of Imports.

So I have cars made in each class, and for sale, S Class (Bargain) X Class (Mid) LT Class (Expensive) Y Class (Lux)
You can see from the images that they all default to S Class on reload, but their features all look different, and their pricing as well.

Custom Map
125 new.xml (1.21 MB)
S class Screen Shot (No Sunroof)

X Class Screen Shot (Sunroof)

LT Class Screen Shot (Sunroof and Spoiler)

Y Class Screen Shot (Panoramic Sunroof and Spoiler)

Showroom Screenshots X Class Showing as S Class
S Class showing Correctly

Y Class showing as S Class (Compact)

Y Class Showing as S Class (SUV)

Y Class Showing as S Class (Sedan)

Don’t know if this will help figure it out.
Tiers.txt (4.09 KB)

Hmmm. I see the problem, and I think I’ve replicated it. I’m working on it now. Thanks for reporting it.

ok found it…its fixed in the next build (1.26)