[Fixed 1.26][Bug 1.24] "insufficient resources" while having enough.

Some productions show “insufficient resources” many times while they have almost full stockpile.

This can be seen at the “Make Valve” and “Make Engine Block” near the export on the attached savegame.
Interestingly this unnecessary waiting does not happen when the GUI of that production-station is opened.
That can be oserved very easy by opening the gui and watch the statistic-tab -> “waiting for ressources” decrease;
after closing the gui for a short time and its again >20%.

PS.: This seems to happen on many component productions.
roidal.zip (321 KB)

Hmmm. I see what you mean. I suspect it is related to the rapid process time of those slots. I can reproduce it, and I’m looking into it now.

edit: I’m introduced a fix which massively reduces the extent of this, for 1.26 but will work on a more perfect fix.

Wow, that was fast.