[Fixed 1.26][Bug 1.24] Universal Sun Roof makes cars unsellable

This may not be a bug so if anyone can see if they can reproduce this it’d be appreciated. My expensive line of sedans and suvs both have the panoramic sun roof. Now I’ve had no problem selling cars for the entire game so far and I haven’t had any more than 6 or 7 in the showroom. However, as soon as sun roof became universal I haven’t sold a single expensive model. Mid-range and budget cars sell consistently but I know have 20+ expensive models that are sitting there. It could be a coincidence but I feel lie it has to do with the game treating the sunroof and panoramic roof as unrelated features despite that you can only have one or the other on a model.

Yeah did notice this aswell.
Not really looked to the selling thing cause after 1.24 I have trouble selling anny car :p.
But this needs to be looked at.
The universal sun roof should go away when you put panoramic on the car.

Hi, thanks for reporting this. I will look into it. Its clearly a bug :frowning:

Fixed for the next build!