[Fixed 1.26][Bug 1.25 Direct Download] Not enough sales records

After having my factory running all night on high speed while I was asleep to generate some cash, I woke in the morning to find the game froze and crashed with the following error.

“Not enough sales records”

The game had auto saved just before, upon reloading the auto save, the factory runs for a very short time before the error message reappears and the game freezes and crashes again. This error was detected using version 1.22, the screen shot is from this version. I’ve just downloaded version 1.25 before posting this bug report to try and eliminate the error, (direct download not steam) and am getting the same error in 1.25. The game runs for about 5-10 minutes from the last save point before crashing again - I haven’t tried a new or different level or a previous save.

This save file has been re-written over since version 1.21.

See the attached. Please don’t judge my over the top paint plant :confused: - I have big expansion plans.

autosave.xml (10.8 MB)
errors.txt (63.1 KB)

Got the same error today - This Mega Plant I was making, with huge loops, and 500mil on a custom map. 2 things I noticed are that it will keep doing it on this save game. About 10-15 minutes (In Game time) it will crash with that same error. Looks like i’ve cranked out 67525 cars in this save (looking at the savefile data) Maybe there is a Limit of Cars? I dunno, just thinking outloud.

Ram Used when Crashed / error

Save Game
pre sales record crash minutes.xml (10.3 MB)
Custom Template
Mega Floor.txt (2.56 KB)

That’s what I wondered, and/or if it is anything to do with the ‘high octane efficiency’ achievement. It’s the last achievement I’m yet to unlock on that save game. Maybe the unlocking of it is triggering the error??

Well since that, I think that the memory may not be related. The Size of the Save file does not seem to be the issue as I have one bigger now. So I’m not sure what it may be.

Larger Mem Usage
Larger Save File
mega 700 showroom.xml (12 MB)

And this one really bogs my system down on loading. But it was intentionally made as overkill.
New Mega2.xml (8.44 MB)

This is so awesome…
I am currently away on holiday…but back on wednesday, and really keen to launch this save game and investigate…and optimise…and remove all possible limitations :smiley:

Since its a Custom Map, I thought you may need this as well

Mega Floor.txt (2.56 KB)

Here is some info on my Old PC

My Draw Debug file just for more info on this old laptop I’m using.

Initialising 3D Engine in fullscreen mode Driver : igdumdx32.dll Description : Intel(R) HD Graphics DeviceName : \\.\DISPLAY1 Checking For Shader Support NumSimultaneousRTs:4 hal_caps.PixelShaderVersion >= D3DPS_VERSION(2, 0) hal_caps.PixelShaderVersion >= D3DPS_VERSION(3, 0) About to Create 3D Device with width: 1360 and height : 768 Attempting hardware Vertex Processing Finished initialising 3D Engine Initialising Render target of 4096 X 2048 rt_car_sprite_cache rt_car_sprite_cache Initialising Render target of 256 X 256 rt_save_thumbnail rt_save_thumbnail Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/conveyor_mode.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/highlight_sprite.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/overlay.fx]

I’ve done a fair bit of work to speed this up over the last 24 hours. I think I’ve made decent progress, but its an extreme edge case, so it throws up lots of room for optimizing. Expect a better experience in the next build.