[Fixed 1.27][Bug 1.22 Steam] - Car missing from Showroom after Loading Save

Just came across this as well, Opened up the showroom, and had no image, but the vehicle was listed. This was on a save game after a load.

Stop Touching Me.xml (1.71 MB) Save Game

Someone else reported this on the steam boards
steamcommunity.com/app/591370/di … 808017719/

This is fixed in the next build (1.24)

Looks like this has reared its head again in 1.26 When Side Scrolling through the showroom, when paused, the cars do not show, one in the corner does, but you can hover and see the stats. (When unpaused, you can’t even scroll to the side) When you scroll back to the left, even the one in the corner disappears.

Thanks, this is fixed in 1.27