[Fixed 1.29][Bug 1.28]Game crashes on startup

I’ve been away for a while, but thought i’d come back and see how it had progressed.

Imagine my surprise (and dismay!) when it crashed on startup, every time. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling via steam.

Since I last played, my laptop (which is a company one) has been converted to move the My Documents folder to a server, so it’s no longer stored locally and isn’t set to sync with the laptop for offline functionality. I think this is stopping the game from launching as cant find the folder to save things too.

Is there a way for me to edit this to pont to somewhere like AppData?

Same issue here.

I don’t think the location of the files is related.

EDIT: Stopped doing it for me a second ago.

Crumbs. Sorry about that. My code should work happily regardless of where the my documents folder is, but I shall see if there is something I need to do but am not…

I may have a fix for this in the next build.