[Fixed 1.29][Bug 1.28] Vehicles Not selling

So I was playing along as you would the other day and all of a sudden my cars just simply stop selling. I go to check whats wrong, and the info tells me that I have no customers, and even that I wasn’t producing everything. ( which I was, there are 24 cars currently in my sales thing). I also have everything upgraded is that is not the issue. I don’t know how to fix this but or even if I can. Any help is much appreciated.

Yikes that weird. Any chance you could send me your save game? They are xml files found here:
\my documents\my games\production line\savegames
Please send to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.

Yeah, super weird. Also, I bought the game through steam, so, will the file be in a different place?

Hi, I took a look at your save. I’ve since fixed that error in the top right about market share, but otherwise it seems fine. Your production line is empty so you are not currently producing any new cars, and the reason nothing is selling is due to the price markups. Go through and reduce all the prices and you will soon sell those cars.
I cant work out why the previous hours customers were 0, but as soon as the first hour goes by after loading your game I see normal customer numbers show up.
Let me know if reducing the prices does not work for you.

Ok, will do, thanks. Do I need to put anything back in place of my same file?

your save game should be unchanged.