[Fixed 1.30][Bug 1.29] Make Wing Mirrors Not Working Correctly


Odd bug in the Make Wing Mirrors where I clicked the Buy for the Folding Wing Mirrors. The slot makes folding wing mirrors but requires folding wing mirrors. So the slot makes one. Puts it into the output stockpile. Pulls it out and puts it in the input stockpile to make another folding wing mirror. See the attached image. Should the Make Wing Mirrors require a regular wing mirror and not an already made folding wing mirror? Would it be better to have the Make Wing Mirrors just make a plain wing mirror and then have an Assemble Wing Mirror to make the folding, heater, or heated folded wing mirrors instead of a all-in-one?


hmmm, this definitely looks like a bug I need to investigate…


Can you let me know if build 1.30 fixed this? it may well have…


I tested it against the 1.30 build. The existing Make Wing Mirrors is stuck with requiring Folding Wing Mirrors to make Folding Wing Mirrors. If I place a new one down, then it appears that the new slot works as planned. Do you want the save file to test?


I suspect this is a bug I fixed with 1.20, so it shouldn’t happen again. Thanks