[Fixed 1.33][Bug 1.31] (Steam) Crash on Quitting

I was trying to replicate the Research Crash bug and had laid a basic factory out on Misson 1:

  • Pause game
  • Place the initial Slots (Chassis Assemble, Fit Body, Fit Engine etc. )
  • Connect Slots with Conveyors
  • Place Resource Importers
  • Connect Resource Conveyors - Slot Stockpiles
  • Place 1 Research Office
  • Select Starting Research

This was the crash point if it was going to happen, it didnt so I quit back to the main menu then selected quit from the main menu to try again.
The game crashed.
debug-quitcrash.rar (45.1 KB)

Thanks, I’m fixing this now…sorry for the hassle.