[Fixed 1.36][Bug 1.33] Game un-pausing

If you pause the game and click on an icon at the top of the screen and then close the opened screen using the red “X” on it’s top right corner the game automatically un-pause itself. Research, Slots, Car Stock/Sales and Statistics screens are unaffected by this bug though.

I keep going back and forth on how to handle this. FWIW its not a bug but how I assumed people wanted the game to work. Its difficult because some stuff you probably do want the game to pause when you select, but maybe not everything. Its currently a bit random, and I’d like to know what people think about it before changing the current system.

IMO I think the game shouldn’t unpause when closing a menu if it was paused prior to opening it.

Yea I found the unpausing a bit annoying also, I would much rather have it keep its state.

Indeed. I’ll add it to my todo list


This has been fixed for the next update.