[Fixed 1.37][Bug 1.31] Fit Window Stockpile

Hey there!
I really enjoy this nice game and can only imagine how much effort and time you have to put into it to make it this interesting.

Not sure if this is a bug, but my guess says it is…?
One little thing I noticed in the current build (1.31) is that the [Fit Window]-slot will start with 4 (5?) Servos in the stockpile once you have the necessery stuff researched (not sure which one it was… :frowning: ).
After 4 or 5 cars the local stockpile of the slot gets a bit strange and instead of 10 windows and 6 servos or even 8/8 the servos start stockpiling (12+) and leave no room for the windows.
This leads to “insufficent materials” for almost every car that comes through there which is not a lot of fun when building a factory optimized to 1 minute (or a bit less) per slot-type…
The stockpile thing next to it cannot move the windows fast enough over 3 squares to eliminate it even with [Predictive Stockpile] researched.

I am not sure if there are other slots that behave similar as I only confirmed this on the [Fit Windows]-slot so far.
The [Fit Wheels]-slot seems to do something similar too, but that is only a guess when looking at the pop-up notices and not confirmed through rebuilding it several times and taking a close enough look…
If I remember correct this wasn’t an issue in the earlier builds, but I can be mistaken on that…

If you want some screenshots i can try to get some, but not sure yet if I know hot to get that done… :frowning:

Yup, I’ve encountered this as well. The moment you research power windows the stock area for Window Fitting gets flooded with servos. Since none of my cars had power windows this turns into a problem. The stock area is full of servos and can’t get windows into the stock area. Eventually some of the servos are either deleted or used(?) so production can continue but it blows the efficiency of the line out of the water.

I am running the same factory through the changes either through saves or rebuilding (which is fun)…
In 1.34 it is still not otpimal at times, but a lot better than in 1.31!

In 1.36
Its Still there, what i noticed sometimes the “Fit Windows” wont stock up on windows, even if its not updated to use servos and stuff.
This leads to constant “out of recources” as it seems to reorder only when the stock is totally empty and then orders only ONE set of windows

I think it was fixed in 1.37 (STEAM)…
Although sometimes they stockpile isn’t optimal I don’t get the “Out of resource” every run, only intermitted.
Might not be perfect, but as Cliff posted somewhere else the “Fit Window” and “Fit Dorpanel” stations are a small headache with resources somehow…