[Fixed 1.37][Bug 1.36] Crash Not enough sales records!:..\src\SIM_SalesRecord.cpp 162

Savegame crashes with message ‘Not enough sales records!:…\src\SIM_SalesRecord.cpp 162’
errors.txt (1.09 KB)

Yikes. was this maybe a BIG game, or a very very long one where you had produced dozens, maybe hundreds of different car models?

Thank you for answering Cliff,

Well I spent little bit time on that, but I thought there is no limit how big it gets :slight_smile: By the way I would suggest to think about more diversity on the game as after one or two days of playing on fastest speed, when you sort out most of the production and supplies and reach positive profit game becomes bit boring. Maybe it is because of the balance, maybe it should be harder or more expensive (money + research points) to research features and cars (would add some value to things researched and increase longevity of the game).
Also I found some other missing things (maybe it was intended to be so or it is just missed):

  1. You can’t make “Nappa leather seats” although you can order nappa leather to stockpile;
  2. You can’t make heaters;
  3. On the beginning when I started thinking about upgrading the line there some thing that doesn’t make sense: e.g. I have “fit chassis” nod (witch consists of “fit rear axle”, “fit front axle”, “fit drive shaft”, and so on), if I decide to build just “fit rear axle” nod before the “fit chassis” nod, so it fits rear axle than goes to “fit chassis” I was expecting it would skip fit rear axle operation, because it was already fitted, but “fit chassis” node still does fit rear axle operation again and takes same time and supplies as before.
  4. When upgrading nods it would be useful to upgrade stockpile on the nod itself (not sure it could use any available space or it should be some designated space available around stockpile), because the separate stockpile is not that effective and sometimes it gets frustrating.
  5. Can’t make bumpers and bottom trim (maybe it’s intended so);
  6. Can’t make arches (maybe it’s intended so);
  7. When configuring imports on the nod you can’t select the part to be local or only local if current car on the nod doesn’t use the part: e.g. happens often with heated wingmirrors if the car uses simple mirrors, not heated, I can’t select the local or only local supplies for heated mirrors.
  8. I can’t deselect the upgrade: e.g. making powertrain, if i upgrade to stop-start engines I can’t switch it back to simple engines, i have to demolish and build new not upgraded.
  9. Can’t make any of the electronics.
  10. On the long unsold cars (sometimes because it is lacking features or is simply to expensive) player could receive offers and consider to sell it cheaper. It wouldn’t congest the showroom.
  11. I would suggest more power plant selection (huge output, space saving but very expensive to buy).

That about it for now :slight_smile: Hope this helps to make this game more successful.


Thanks for the feedback. Some changes in the latest version (1.37) should be of interest to you. Performance is way better so bigger factories should run better, plus we added hybrid and electric tech for more late-game challenge :smiley:
A lot of the points you mentioned are known, and will be fixed eventually. I know we don’t have the ability to make every component yet, and we definitely need to implement the disabling of upgrades.