[Fixed 1.38][Bug 1.34] in-game crash


The game always stops spontaneously after about 2 minutes. This does not mean that play can be played anymore. See screendump and error.txt in the rar file
errors.rar (40.5 KB)

Holy crap, thats not normal.
The only particle effects in the game are when you place down a new slot when zoomed in. Does that cause it consistently for you? (or is that not always the error message?)

I’ve made a video, you can see whats happen.

Game still crash at the same moment. Nothing is change jet…

Hi, can you check for me that the following folder (and files within it) actually exists on your hard drive:

\program files\production line\data\particles\place_slot.txt

Thats the file the error suggests is missing…but it really should be there, its just a part of the install process like everything else. If its somehow not there, can you reinstall the game over the top of the existing install?

The file you ask.
place_slot.txt (355 Bytes)