[Fixed 1.38][Bug 1.37] No route to stock pile


Just trying out the new version and have started a new factory. However, some of the slots in the line, have randomly decided they no longer have a route to the stock pile.

Please see screenshots.

I have also attached my game save.

Any more information you need, please let me know.



EDIT: Exiting and going back into the game fixed it, so the issue may or may not present in the game save.
bugreport-Mattz0r.zip (107 KB)

yes, i can confirm that

I’m aware of this happening pretty rarely, but have not worked out the cause yet. I am working on it though. FWIW deleting and rebuilding the slot often fixes it (although thats far from ideal…)


I’ve same problem. Rebuilding does not work.
This problem has arisen after re-assembly of the conveyorbelt

I’m still working on this :frowning: I cant get it to happen as reliably as this, so its a real nightmare to debug!