[Fixed 1.39][Bug 1.38] Orphaned Car


I know recently you fixed a bug to fix the orphaned car issue, but I’ve just got it here, instead of having a conveyor removed from underneath it, the “Fit Steering Assembly” was removed from under it, and replaced with the “Fit Steering Column” unit.

Please find attached the game save and a screenshot.

EDIT: Can only see it if zoomed out far enough.

EDIT 2: Would you believe it, the bleeding thing has gone now I’ve quit the game and gone back into it!

savegames.rar (149 KB)

Hi, I thought I’d fixed this recently, and then tada! it appeared again in a game just after I released the latest patch. I think now, the bug might have changed so saving and loading fixes it, but obviously its still a bug and its on my list to fix today 9althought thats wishful thinking…) thanks for reporting it anyway.

I’ve noticed a lot of these recently. Only seem to get them at production slots that I’ve removed and not the conveyor.