[Fixed 1.39][Improvement] research queue

When you’ve got a research queue going and set some tech to “research now” the current tec gets removed from the queue
Well, i guess it should be added on top.

Not sure if thats a bug or intended but either way I agree it would be more helpful it it nudged it back to the top of the queue.

Well the way that it is worded now AND the way it works is that when you click research now it drops researching what it was working on and immediately switches to what you newly asked it to research. The button does not indicate add to top of queue. I understand that may be what you wish it were doing and I suppose a Add to Top of Queue button could also be added.

I agree that this is confusing, and that it should leave the existing tech as something that is then top of the queue… I’ll make a note to change it.

This is in the next build now :smiley:

So now there will be no way to fast track research that you need to get done immediately. At least by pre-empting currently running reseach that is. I guess the gist of it will be that if you set some long running research going there is no way to get around it except by waiting till its done.

I liked the ability to pre-empt something you are researching to get something else going that is very important and come back to the other item later. Seems like a better idea would be to queue the new item as current research and push the current item down to the top of the queue rather that just take it off the research queue altogether like was done before. But this is merely my two cents worth.

No no no, you do pre-empt! dont worry, its just that the current (already running) item gets bumped back to be head of the existing queue (if any) whilst the new urgent tech gets researched :smiley:

Great to hear!

Sounds good