[Fixed 1.40][Bug 1.36 Steam] Minimalism Archivement

The Archivement wont unlock, I sold 2000 Cars with only Main Body an QA checked.
I even tried two different Body Types (Sedan and Compact)

There is not even a Status Bar filling up. So i Guess not a Single Car gets counted.

I have an Idea why this happens though:

The Model is a Clone of an earlyer Design with everything enabled, i then disabled everything.
Maybe there is a Flag thats not being set to True when everything gets disabled

Hmmm, I will look into this

Hi, do you mean the min spec achievement? (basic cars). Its only been managed by 3% of the players, but it does work. You wont see the progress bar until you have produced (and sold) 1 min-spec car. Are they maybe not selling?

The Sandero is the Car.
I do not have a savegame with it as Minimal Car, but it had Zero features until i sold 1800 Pcs, aber that i added in-car musik because i was not getting the archivement

Pity, to investigate the problem I’d really need to see a save game that contained that car design. I tested it here and it did seem to work ok, its possible that something got added to the car which you forgot about, its very easy to do.

i can repdroduce it, at least concerning the status bar, should be visible by now…
blaa.rar (761 KB)

I got this achievement today, so it does work for some players :slight_smile:

Mine has no progress on the achievements section. Not sure how many basic cars I sold in the end but it must have been heading that way. I’d have thought it would register even if I didn’t sell the full amount.

Is it maybe an issue with the “minus-feature” in-car-music? Maybe it is counted as existing feature?!

Can anyone who got the achievement check if in car music was already a must have feature on their cars?

For me it was not. I got the achievement by making a dedicates line that churns out basic cars

Yeah i tried that as well, those cars still have a “minus-feature” saying that in car music is a expected feature.

Confirmed that something is a miss here, I think as soon as you start selling any cars with features, the progress gets wiped out.

At the start of the game, it showed the progress was 1%, now it shows the progress as 0%.

This suggests to unlock this achievement, you are not allowed to produce cars that have any features installed at all, even if it’s on a separate car design.

Yikes I shall investigate…

Ahaha…yes indeed. I am crap at programming. it will be fixed in the next build, and your progress will suddenly show up. I am an idiot :frowning:

Not an idiot at all :slight_smile: The game is still in development, still early access. We’re here to help find these things for you!

Thanks for fixing it

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FWIW I broke this again recently and am fixing AGAIN.

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