[Fixed 1.40][Bug/Balance 1.39] Alloy Wheels


don’t want to be a smartass, but as far as i know alloy wheels are usually made from aluminium, not steel.
But what really bothers me is 4 stacks of steel for 1 single wheel?! I guess the car weighs more than 4 tons when its done :smiley:

Jokes aside, is there any balancing planned on production quantities? Like 1 stack of steel produces 10 steel panels or sth alike?

Yes, it’s the same for Tyres, the animation suggests that you get 2 tyres at once, but you only get one :frowning:

And the spare tire is still a regular one, not alloy

Not sure if that’s a bug or more of a suggestion really but I get the point you’re making.

I think a regular (steel) wheel as a spare wheel is correct, most of the time it is one.
My car had an option for a “full replacement spare wheel” so it is alloy.

Making alloy wheels from steel ist not exactly a bug, maybe only an inaccuracy.

Rebalancing the product outcome would be balancing, obviously :wink:

Its an interesting point actually, because we already have aluminium in the game, so it might be an accuracy and a decent balancing thing to change that. I shall investigate :smiley:

Actually the more I looked into this, the numbers for wheel production did not make much sense, in terms of ensuring you can profitably make them (or at least not lose a fortune!). So I made some changes:

Awesome! Would the same need to be done for the Tyres to go with them?