[Fixed 1.41][Bug 1.40] Emission Check

Added the new Quality check to existing all updated lines and when it gets to emission check it crashes on Sundan and SUV. Though I have a separate line added after the update of trucks and that line is working fine. So I added the SUV and on the first SUV it crashed. Didn’t check Sedan though.

yikes was there any error message? is this reproducible in a save game I could take a look at?

Not able to replicate here,

I have created a new save, researched QA, and the SUV Design, both Sedan and SUV pass through perfectly fine.

I have opened a save that was created in 1.39, and added in the QA steps, again, both SUV and Sedan were fine, no crashes.

Hope this helps.

i to get a system crash after the emissions check.

first: at Fit Acc says Next slot requirements not met. i do have the Quality Check placed.
if i delete Quality Check then re-build it works fine.
if i build the Visual, Performance then Emissions Check. Only after the cars pass last station. game crashes.(ProductionLine.exe has stop working)

ver 1.4 steam download

Hmmm, I will try to reproduce this…

Hold on, you dont both happen to have GoG builds do you? Or if you have Humble builds, can you reinstall them? I found a crash bug relating to this just after I released 1.40 and uploaded fixed exes (but not to GoG yet) which have the same version number.

If you NEVER zoom in on the map to see the computer animate on the final QA slot (when its busy) does it not crash? (that was the crash…)

This should be fixed in the latest build.