[Fixed 1.46][Bug 1.44] No Car Image

During game play if I have to leave for a few min and the Windows screen saver kicks in when I come back in-game the graphic for the cars is a large white box following the belt. The only way to remedy this is to quit and relaunch.

Intel i7 6700K, Asus Z170I, Cosair H100i,ASUS Strix 1080
32GB Crucial Ballistix
Samsung 950 EVO M.2 500 GB
Samsung UN9500 65 inch 4K display.

Same issue here.

I have taken the liberty of adding a screenshot

I get this sometimes i’m also running a Asus Strix 1080ti

Hmmm interesting. I will try to reproduce this. I assume this is running fullscreen, and the normal alt+tab to a different app and back doesn’t have the same result?

Ok! I’ve found and fixed this for the next patch :smiley:

Thank you Cliffski. I am looking forward to update 1.46

Fixed in update 1.46