[Fixed 1.47][Bug 1.46] Brand awareness carried on after loading save


If I save a game and then launch a marketing campaign, then I go back to the main menu and load that save again, the marketing campaign is still active and the brand awareness rating is carried on. I get a marketing campaign for free.

I do this because I’m still trying to figure out how marketing exactly works. Once campaigns are finished, brand awareness will fade slowly. I usually wait for it to go down a bit before launching a new campaign, but often I get no increase in brand awareness from it (possibly because the campaign didn’t yield enough brand awareness compared to what’s left from the previous one). It’s a bit obscure, and trying to figure this out I went into that bug.

Thanks for reporting this, as it was indeed a bug, which is now fixed for the next update.
Brand awareness does decay gradually over time, and active campaigns will sustain the current level.
So for example if you have a campaign that is generating awareness of 20%, that 20% will persist for the duration of the campaign, then gradually fall off each hour after the campaign ends.