[Fixed 1.48] Incorrect Parts


I’ve just started playing the game and really enjoying it so far, I noticed a small update last night and started playing again today.

I’ve noticed since the update that I’m running out of resources quickly and when on closer inspection, I’m noticing certain departments are requesting components that are not needed for that department.

Such as;

Fit Horn: requesting 1x Horn and 5x Directional Xenon Lights
(I don’t have the lights researched yet)

Fit Radiator: 1x Radiator and 5x Fuel Tanks

Fit Roof: 1x Roof and 5x Engine Control Units

Fit Axles: Also asking for 5 Engine Control Units

So far these are the only ones that I’ve come across.

Not quite sure if these are correct or not.

im going to look into this and hopefully fix tomorrow!

I found some bugs which may explain this, and am testing now…

Hi cliffski,

how far did you get in solving the problem?
I face the problems with the wrong parts at “Fit Roof”
It orders 5 Seats. They are coming and vanish when car leaves station.


With any luck build 1.48 (yesterday) fixed this?